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ABOUT Maureen

The Hobbies

Growing up, I was the one with a full schedule trying every sport from ballet to horse riding and skiing. Loving most of them, and being gifted with a lot of willpower and energy, I became quite good at some and would even do regular tournaments, races and matches. As I had many hobbies though, and really enjoyed all of them, I never wanted to give one up to focus on another. That's how I became more of an all-round active person. Later on in my teenage years the travelling was added into the mix. Once I had my first job in Dublin, nothing could stop me from spending all my money on it.


The Outdoors

During my time in Ireland I then discovered the outdoors with my boyfriend Lukas. We decided to try camping & hiking, and were immediately hooked. From that time onwards we were continuously looking for our next adventure. Here we are six years later, living in Singapore, the travel hub of the world, and couldn't be happier about it.

The blog

I've lived in 8 countries, travelled to 47, and still always find myself with itchy feet! I never thought about writing a blog, but when more and more people started asking if they could get the details or itinerary from my latest trip, I realised this might be the nicest way to share them.

The Trip Plans

Rather than just writing stories about my trips and letting you figure out the details yourself, I decided to share my Trip Plan Spreadsheets (yup, I like things to be organised :p).


You can either read through what I was up to during my trip and look at the pretty photos in my blog, or you can skip all that and get straight into the details: e.g. how many days you need to take off work, accommodation or which airport to fly into.


AND if you decide to go on the same/similar trip you can just copy the Google sheet in each blog post and (rather than starting from zero) add in your details to have a pretty much ready-to-go itinerary.  Voilà!

Trip Template

I'm also sharing my Trip Template, so if you are like me and would rather start from scratch, then just download the empty template and get planning :)



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